balloon-boy-logoBALLOON BOY

Inspired by the infamous media sensation known as the “Balloon Boy,” this musical imagines the answer to the timeless question: “Why did a Colorado father say his son was in a homemade weather balloon that soared across the state?” This tale of irreverent, celebrity-spoofing, sky-high hilarity looks at how far a man will go to achieve fame in a country obsessed with the spotlight, and just how bright that spotlight can be before it burns a hole in his family.

Production History
The Kraine Theatre, June 28-30, 2011
dir. Jessica Sovronsky

International Thespian Festival, June 2014 (Workshop)
dir. Brian Curl

Monarch High School, November 6-8, 2014
dir. Gwendolyn Lukas Doctor

Theatre Row, NYMF, July 7-11, 2015
dir. Taylor Haven Holt

The Green Room 42, New Writers Series, October 22, 2017
dir. Taylor Haven Holt

To listen to songs from the show, please click here or here. Or both.


Well, howdy folks! Step right up to Wally Weasels G.O.P Jamboree, starring the wildest bunch of foot-stompin’, knee-slappin’, rip-snortin’ republicans ever to lumber out of the north woods! When Malt Shakey Jr., the perpetually drunk and misogynistic heir to the Shakey World empire, decides to revamp a “classic” (unattended) attraction into a political advertisement for Republican candidate Walter Wimble, woo wee, things sure are about to get hairy! Throw in a pot-smoking severed head, a pair of horny Minnesotans, a pyromaniacal governor, and a whole lotta daddy issues, and it won’t take long before some furry beasts come outta hibernation! This satirically madcap musical romp is all about the lengths we go to to protect our legacies—and sabotage the legacies of everyone else! It’s fun for the whole right wing family!

Production History
Fordham University, October 13-15, 2016
dir. Corey Atkins

13887030_1809604712607121_1986154159149167877_nRACHEL UNRAVELED

Rachel Unraveled is a new musical web-series streaming exclusively on BroadwayWorld and starring William Youmans (Wicked), Olivia Caridi (The Bachelor), Jon Rua (Hamilton, SpongeBob), Maria-Christina Oliveras (Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson) and introducing Rachel Ravel. The story of a (probably-not-)star-to-be in NYC, this kitschy, over-the-top musical satire is currently streaming here. Season One guest stars include Tony-Nominee Chad Kimball (Come From Away, Memphis), Tina Benko (The Greatest Showman) and Lindsay Nicole Chambers (Lysistrata Jones, Submissions Only).


Beth Blatt, the immensely loved, cotton-candy haired Televangelist, is dying. Soon. But before she kicks the bucket and joins the Lord in Heaven, she’s putting on her final Praise-A-Thon.  Sure, there may be some drama going on backstage at The Bountiful Broadcasting Station, but just because her estranged Granddaughter went to the press about some dirty doings doesn’t mean that God doesn’t want her to sing her heart out and tell her story one last time! And with the help of her angels, her orchestra, her friendly puppet friend Babushka, and thousands of loving fans, the show…er…sermon…will go on.

Production History
Fordham University, February 12-14, 2018
dir. Joel Kirk


Billy is currently developing a musical about the life and death of silent film star Rudolph Valentino with Tony-Nominated Director Robert Longbottom. And there are some other things he can’t talk about, so don’t ask!